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Dear Customer,

Happy New Year. Welcome to the January 2011 edition of our sample enewsletter. If you would like further information on any of the topics covered then please call or email us and we will be delighted to forward it to you. We can also arrange a no-obligation consultation at your convenience.

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In this issue...

e-newsletters the way forward for marketing professionals?

In these days of tight budgets, e-Newsletters provide a highly cost effective means of marketing your products and services read more...


Flexible system

In this day and age uncertainty is a fact of life for many of us. If you are involved in marketting you should base your judgements on researched based marketing read more...

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Marketing overseas?

Then turn your dream into reality! Whereever your market we can help you read more...


Don’t let serious illness kill your business

Social media has revolutionised the web and the accompanying revolution in marketing is well under way. read more read more...


Jargon Buster - Your guide to enewsletters

E-mail marketing is full of jargon and buzz terms, don't be overwhelmed read more...

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Is Direct Mailing Eroding Your Marketing Budget?

Postal ServiceIf you are operating on a shoestring marketing budget it is vital that you use your limited resources effectively.

Marketing emails provide a cost effective way of spending a limited budget.

Seven steps to marketing heaven

Here are 7 simple steps for developing an effective e-marketing program:

1) Analyse your web site using Google Analytics or similar to discover which key words are bringing traffic to your site. You can change the key words and see if this makes a difference.

2) Create a pilot email that exploits the key words that have been proven to work on your website.

3) Email this to a limited group and monitor the results

4) Collate the results and evaluate the findings

5) Tweak the campaign with an aim to further improving your results.

6) Once sufficiently piloted launch your campaign to a mass market

7) Continue to monitor results and repeat these steps


For further information then call or email us.

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Simple and Flexible System

Globe surrounded by computersIn this day and age financial uncertainty is something many of us must live with.

Our enews system is simple and straightforward to use. We have developed the system based on client feedback and we are constantly improving the way it works.

  • You can upload your existing mailing list from an excel spreadsheet
  • Allows users to 'unsubscribe' from any list with a single click
  • Keeps tracking information from either referral clicks or hosted articles allowing you to hone your enews marketing campaign to meet your readers needs and interests

Product summary

We have developed a high quality and very cost effective electronic publishing product which allows you to build and maintain effective marketing communications.

Content Choice

You can either input your own content, use content from our team of experienced journalists or choose from a selection of pre-written articles.

The enewsletters are extremely flexible.

Text-based versions of the enewsletter are available as an option selectable by the client.

The system is compliant with UK data protection and privacy laws. Recipients can opt out of the enewsletter at any time, while responsibility for sending the enewsletter resides entirely with the intermediaries using the service.

Now available for demonstration!

This product is an HTML enewsletter composition and distribution system. It allows you to customise the enewsletter with your company template, logo and your own customised content.

We have opted for HTML enewsletters as this format is safe from viruses and allows for an eye catching and practical design that helps to 'sell' your products and services.


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Marketing overseas?

Once a company has a web presence it is soon obvious that web markets are by their very nature global rather than local.

The global market gives small companies the opportunity to expand in a way that would have been impossible in the past. An analysis of the potential should be the first stage of your marketing research. It will be more difficult to find relevant information because of the lack of familiarity of some locations. Assessing potential market size, degree and type of competition, price, promotional differences, product differences as well as barriers to trade etc. will all be part of your initial market research.

Once the essential research is done there is no better way of assessing potential than an initial email shot to potential clients. Use the same methodology as that used for the home market.

For further information on marketing abroad call or email us.

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Social Media, The Way Forward?

woman typingSocial media has revolutionised the web and the accompanying revolution in marketing is well under way.

There is little doubt that social media presents businesses with an imporntant new way of reaching target audiences.

In recognition of the fundamental human needs for communication, connection with others, having a voice / opinion, identifying with and becoming accepted by groups and gaining approval, social application / networking sites have become immensely popular over the last six years.

In this context, email, instant messaging and chat room applications, video- conferencing, and blogging together with those services that enable the sharing of user-generated content can all be seen to be part of a set of social applications. Indeed, the more sophisticated social networking applications incorporate some or all of these features.

To gauge, the growth in such applications, the following trends are worth note:
• About 60% of Internet users in October 2007 had visited a social networking site at least once in the previous month. 25% of these are expected to be active users.
• In October 2007, 24% of online users were active members of Facebook. Between July and October 07 alone, the number of UK active users soared by 2.6m (50%) up to 7.8m.
• The underpinning principles of social networking services, such as the network effect itself, recruitment ratios and retention factors are becoming better understood and exploited. This explains the explosive growth of some of the new entrants.
• Facebook itself is being heralded as the most rapidly adopted product / service ever:

More than one billion people are now subscribed to social networking sites worldwide, contributing to more than a quarter of all Internet traffic. This means one in six people across the globe have profiles on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo or one of the other myriad networking sites, with 154 million of those logging in on a daily basis.

For further information on critical illness and life cover, then call or email your adviser.

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Jargon Buster - Your guide to standard mortgages

woman typingThe email marketing business like most web related industries is littered with buzz terms and jargon.

If you are new to email marketing here are a few of the terms that you may come across.

Abuse email address
Ideally you should have an email address beginning abuse@ i.e. so that email recipients can report abuse.

Bounce rate
The number of emails returned to sender expressed as a percentage

Confirmed Opt-in:
Also known as "Double Opt-in" or "Verified Opt-in". The Recipient has verifiably confirmed permission for the address to be included on the specific mailing list, by confirming (responding to) the list subscription request verification. This is the Best Practice for all Internet mailing lists, it ensures users are properly subscribed from a working address and with the address owner's consent.

Inline styles
Styles are used to express the way a block of text, table, graphic or area of a web page will appear. Typically styles are stored in style sheets called cascading style sheets or CSS. On marketing emails styles need to be expresses inline in order to work on web clients like Gmail or MSN. This means that the styles are actually incorporated into the HTML mark up rather than being held in a separate style sheet.

Mailserver / Mail host
A mailserver is the dedicated computer and software set-up that allows you to send e-mails. At work, your company will probably have its own mailserver; if you are accessing the Internet from home, then your ISP will have a mailserver. It will make sure your e-mails are sent, received and sorted correctly and will send back any undeliverable mail.

MX records
A mail exchanger record used to specify a server responsible for accepting email for a given domain.

Opt in lists
email lists in which the members have selected to recieve the emails being sent. Ideally all lists should be opt in rather than opt out.

Reverse lookup
Trying to identify a sender from his/her email address - this is a classic way of detecting and preventing SPAM. If an email originates from the domain listed in the header then it is less likely to be SPAM.

If a customer doesn’t want to receive e-mail from you any more, you will do more harm than good to your reputation by continuing to send them. Any good e-mail list software will have easy unsubscribe options built right in. This enables the recipient to automatically control what they are subscribed to.

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